Day 38

First apparel nest hatches today! Yay!

But first…

1 - Chemi size

2 - Tryp size

Look at them growing~!

3 - scavenging

More boring scavenging…

4 - apparel drop AGAIN

Pinkerton, I don’t mind you giving me more babies to work with but if you plan to help me, STOP KILLING THE BABIES ALONG THE WAY!!

5 - LethLymph ready to hatch

Now to see what we get~!

6 - LethLymph babies

Ooh! Another Skydancer! Yay!

now watch it die

omg pls Pinkerton don’t kill it pls

7 - Cepha - encephalitis

First we have my precious Skydancer babe Cepha…for encephalitis…

8 - Rabi - rabies

Then we have Rabi…for rabies… I’ve been pronouncing it like Robbie in my head, lol

9 - Boni - bubonic plague

And last, we have Boni…for bubonic plague…

And it’s a girl, yes! Pinkerton, let her live! Losis and Tryp need girls!

10 - lair pre-flip

OMG I’ve reached the third row of my lair! I’ve never done that so far…

Now to see if I can keep it that way. Coin flip time!

11 - bye Cepha

No, Cepha! Pinkerton, I hate you! Why?? *cries*

12 - keep Rabi

Well, I’ve got one keeper. Welcome home, Rabi!

13 - bye Boni

Dang it, Pinkerton! Why couldn’t you let me keep Boni? I need girls!

14 - exalt Cepha 1

15 - exalt Cepha 2

Poor Cepha… I never should’ve spoken.

16 - exalt Boni 1

17 - exalt Boni 2

RIP Boni. You would’ve been a good girl for Losis or Tryp…

18 - lair post-flip

Well, being on the third row didn’t last that long…

At this rate, looks like LethLymph and WinseBetes may breed again from all the apparel drops I’ve gotten. As for new apparel pairings, since SafeZone is guaranteed regardless, I think ChemiRabi will be joining the line-up…if they live that long…

Losis and Tryp will have to remain alone until I get more girls from LethLymph, get a familiar drop for a female, or get an unhatched egg for a female. Oh well…

19 - WinseBetes three days

Three days until Winse and Betes’ lone egg hatches. Hoping it lives…


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