Day 39

Almost 40 days since we started this thing. Holy…

1 - Chemi size2 - Tryp size

They be growing fast~!

3 - WinseBetes two days

Two days until we find out whether this little guy or gal will be joining us. Please don’t kill them, Pinkerton…

4 - scavenging

Still nothing exciting to be found while scavenging…

5 - insect drop

Well, got 20-30 battles today. That should be fun with the Training Fields venue level cap giving me zero EXP half the time now…

Let’s see who gets to go.

6 - Losis

Losis again, wow.

7 - Betes

Betes too? You both sure are being picked a bunch lately. It’s annoying.

8 - Lymph

Lymph again.

9 - Coliseum party

At this rate, I’ll never get back to Woodland Path without really endangering my newbie dergs’ lives…

Battle 1

after battle 1

Here we go again with the game of How Many Times Will I Get Zero EXP Today? Fun times…

Battle 17

battle 17 - connection lost wtf

Well, that’s never happened before. Now I get to miss out on the Luna Mith EXP I was going to get from that battle. Gah…

Battle 21

after battle 21 - level up

after battle 21 - Betes level 4

At least we get one level-up today. One more level and Betes can use battle stones! Yay!

Battle 30

after battle 30

Well, that was fun…despite all the zero EXP fights…


Betes level 4

Level up! Yeah!

On an unrelated note, I’m trying to list out apparel nest pairs since I got so much apparel as of late. *glares at Pinkerton*

Winse and Betes can breed again in 12 days so they’ll likely be next. Lymph and Leth can breed in 19 days, as can Chemi and Rabi. They’ll be afterward. That takes three of the apparel drops, which leaves us with one more currently. I’ll leave that one be until we see how many babies survive those nests and if we can get more pairs from those.

So that’s the plan thus far. I’ll update the sidebar for this accordingly.



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