Day 40

The big 4-0 already? Holy…

1 - Chemi size

2 - Tryp size

3 - Rabi size

The babies be growing fast and large! lol

4 - WinseBetes hatch tomorrow

Tomorrow we get to see if Winse and Betes only child lives…

5 - scavenging

More boring scavenging… Sorry…

6 - plant drop

10-20 battles in the Coliseum today. Let’s see who gets to be in the party today…

7 - Winse

Winse? Well, here comes the zero EXP again. Yay. *sarcasm*

8 - Leth

Well, Leth likely won’t be leveling up today. Great…

9 - Betes

And Betes. Again, not likely to level up…

10 - Coliseum party

I’m going back to Training Fields today so Betes will live to see her baby either live or die. After that, I wil move on to Woodland Path to secure more EXP so my dergs can actually level up without taking forever.

Unfortunately, beating enemies if Winse or Lymph are not present in the party will be impossible due to lack of battle tones since neither Leth, Betes, or Losis are Level 5. A party consisting of all three of them will be sent to Training Fields. Any other combo will go to Woodland Path. That is my decision now, starting tomorrow.

watch me get a meat drop and have another coliseum massacre, just watch

So yeah, onto Training Fields~!

Battle 1

after battle 1

See those EXP amounts? Watch them barely move today…

Battle 20

after battle 20

See? Called it.


So, nothing overly exciting today. Tomorrow will be better with the nest hatching and the possible trip to Woodland Path, place of death and nightmares.

Pray for me, guys. Pray, please.


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