Day 41

8 - Chemi size

9 - Tryp size

10 - Rabi size

Rabi is not growing very fast, much like his mom, but Tryp and Chemi and getting pretty big! Yay!

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging. Come on, Tidelord, give me some good stuff! Please?

2 - material drop

Ooh, yay! I was planning to write today about the results of the LethLymph and WinseBetes apparel nests. I guess Pinkerton saw fit to give me what I wanted as a drop. Thanks!

though I’m still suspicious of you, plunderer

3 - WinseBetes hatch today

Now to see what hatches from this long-awaited nest!

4 - hatchling

5 - Malar - malaria

And here we have Malar…for malaria… Yeah…

Safe and Zone’s first grandchild! Yay!

Now to see if the coin flip lets him live…or die…

6 - keep Malar


7 - current lair third row yay

I have finally…hit the third row…for keeps… Yes…

Off to write about the three nests of babies that hatched this week. So much life. Only two deaths! Yay!


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