Day 43

1 - Rabi size2 - Malar size

Look who’s growing up so fast! Heehee!

3 - scavenging

Still no scavenged eggs, awww…

4 - battle stone drop omg no

GDI Pinkerton, I didn’t need that!!

Well…let’s so who the (un)lucky dergs are today for this no-breaks 10 battle run…

5 - Tryp

Oh no, poor Tryp!!

6 - Winse

Okay, good! Winse! A derg that can safely kill things, yes!

7 - Leth

Leth, who can semi-kill things. Okay…

8 - Coliseum party

Well, here we go?


I went to Training Fields first to do this. Both starting battles yielded zero EXP and no danger. So after battle two, I restarted the DEATH STREAK and headed to *dun dun DUN* Woodland Path. Hoping Tryp and Leth don’t die there. Winse, baby, protect them!


Well, here we go!

Battle 1

battle 1

after battle 1

Good thing I bought plenty of Potions earlier. I will be using them plenty today. Let’s so how many of the nearly 30 Potions I have at this end of this DEATH STREAK.

Battle 2

battle 2

after battle 2

Yep, I’ll be using Potions every battle here, mostly to keep Tryp and Leth alive…

Battle 3

battle 3

battle 3 omg Leth hang on

after battle 3

Leth almost died, OMG! 1HP and she hung on! Good girl, Leth!!

Battle 4

battle 4

after battle 4

Somehow I’m still hanging in there with no deaths. Wow…

Battle 5

battle 5

after battle 5

They all keep targeting Leth, even more than they do Tryp! WTF?

Battle 6

battle 6

after battle 6

Over halfway there…

Battle 7

battle 7

after battle 7

Am I seriously going to survive a DEATH STREAK? In Woodland Path? With a Level 1 and Level 3 derg??

Battle 8

battle 8

after battle 8

OMFG, Chargers are so scary! At least it’s only one…

Battle 9

battle 9

after battle 9

I think I am. I seriously think I’m about to completely survive this.

Battle 10

battle 10

after battle 10

OMG, yes! I did it! Holy!


Leth level 4

Tryp level 3

Honestly, I was expecting Tryp to die. Maybe Leth too. I wasn’t expecting to get through this completely alive. That was lucky!

But man, all that EXP was nice compared to the zeroes that Training Field was giving me. Curse you, Winse!

89000 treasure in Potions binge post-DEATH STREAK

Of course, I only had 7 Potions left out of nearly 30 once this DEATH STREAK was done. So I went to the Auction House and spent all 89,000 treasure I had on a butt-load of Potions. I even got a few that restored 250HP and 500HP for later on. Can never be too careful, huh?

Now onto the Weekly Report!


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