Weekly Report 6

Well, a lot happened this week for us. First of all, we had our two apparel nests, LethLymph and WinseBetes, hatch! Lost two of Leth’s babies though.

6 - LethLymph babies

4 - hatchling

We went into the Coliseum plenty of times this week and started gaining levels for our weaker dergs in Training Fields. We all experienced something I thought didn’t happen but did.

battle 17 - connection lost wtf

Chemi and Tryp, the two newest babies birthed to Safe and Zone, have grown up and gone into the Coliseum to experience battle. Though Tryp had it harder. Today, he survived a DEATH STREAK…in Woodland Path…

Chemi level 4

Tryp level 3

Overall, it’s been a rather exciting week. Now for what is lying in the vault now, minus the familiars on Leth and Lymph!

1 - food

2 - materials

3 - apparel

4 - battle items

5 - other

In three days, Safe and Zone will have yet another nest. Looking forward to that!


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