Day 44

1 - Rabi grown up

Look who grew up today! And he’s so tiny, OMG!

2 - Malar growth

Fast growth for this little guy too. Yay!

3 - scavenging

Boring scavenging still. Ugh…

4 - meat drop

40-50 battles today, sweet!

5 - lair

6 - eight participants for Coliseum now

Now we have eight participants that can go into the Coliseum! Let’s see who goes today, most likely to Woodland Path…

7 - Leth

Leth is first.

8 - Winse

Winse next! Definitely going to Woodland Path now.

9 - Losis

And Losis!

10 - party

Here we go! Got the party all set!

11 - Woodland Path

Now off to Woodland Path!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good…

Battle 5

after battle 5 - triple battle - level up

after battle 5 - Losis level 5 - battle stones

First triple battle of the day nets Losis a level!

Battle 16

after battle 16 - level up

after battle 16 - Leth level 5 - battle stones

And now Leth can finally use the battle stones I bought for her back when she first entered the Coliseum!

Battle 32

after battle 32 - level up

after battle 32 - Losis level 6

And now Losis has completely surpassed his sister in strength and EXP!

Battle 37

after battle 37 - level up

after battle 37 - Winse level 8

Winse finally levels up after all this time! Hooray!

Battle 45

after battle 45 - achievement lol

44 days, 8 dergs in the Coliseum…1000 enemies slain. Happy day. lol

Battle 48

after battle 48 - level up

after battle 48 - Leth level 6

Final level-up for the day goes to Leth. Sweet!

Battle 50

after battle 50

That’s it for today’s battles! Hooray!


Winse level 8

Leth level 6

Losis level 6

Five levels gained today for three hard-working dergs. That’s great.

Woodland Path isn’t bad so far.

watch it kill me again in the near future


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