Day 49

Look what time it is~!

1 - Wavecrest Saturnalia

Holiday week time! This time it’s for Water flight and the Tidelord!

3 - scavenging

This means that now my scavenging has been spiced up by…

5 - holiday item

Giant Sand Dollars, the holiday item for this month! And do we recall what we do with these holiday items?

6 - Festive Favors

That’s right! We go see Joxar at Festive Favors and get exclusive holiday items! Just…not today…because I don’t have enough…gdi…

Same deal as with the Mistral Jamboree. I will aim for most expensive and work down to least expensive. I will likely be purchasing holiday items at some point this week. We’ll see…

2 - two more days

Two days left until we find out the fates of these three babies! And when they hatch, Winse and Betes will jump on a nest for their next clutch!

4 - trinket drop

Trinket drop. That requires art. I’ll try to jump on that ASAP. Until then, it goes on the sidebar for reminding me.

7 - Safe apparel

Got an apparel item from an Iron Chest today from bonding with the familiars in my lair. It looked good on Safe, so she gets it.

And that’s all for tonight. I’m back home now from the convention. So glad! It was fun but I missed home, mostly the stable internet connection. *smile*


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