Weekly Report 7

We’ve had a lot to do this past week, especially since I spent late Thursday through early Sunday at a convention in a hotel with spotty internet.

We’ve been to the Coliseum a lot this week and many dergs gained levels, particularly our babies.

Rabi and Malar also grew up this week!

2 - Rabi is over 1M yay

3 - Malar grown up

I’ve also apparently killed over 1000 enemies in the Coliseum as of this week! Cool!

after battle 45 - achievement lol

Safe and Zone are currently on their fourth nest, which will hatch tomorrow. At the same time, Winse and Betes will have their second nest. So many babies!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Water flight holiday, the Wavecrest Saturnalia. I’ll be collecting Giant Sand Dollars in addition to my usual scavenging loot in Water territory.

Now onto what lies in the Vault now:

1 - food

2 - material

3 - apparel

4 - battle items

5 - other


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