Day 50 Lair Report

Here are the survivors of my lair as of right now:

1 - Safe

Safe, my custom derg from when I started back on March 7th. She is Zone’s mate and has had three hatched nests with a fourth on the way. She has lost four of her eight total hatchlings. She is a loving mother, though she fears the plague and what it can do to her family. IMMUNE TO NUZLOCKE! BANNED FROM COLISEUM!

2 - Zone

Zone, the random male derg that the game gave me to pair Safe with when I started this project back on March 7th. Zone is a loyal, if slightly masochistic and self-incriminating, mate and loves Safe dearly. He goes out scavenging in other territories daily and keeps an eye out for abandoned hatchlings in the Wandering Contagion. He’s against anyone fighting the monsters but has lately stopped fighting it. IMMUNE TO NUZLOCKE! BANNED FROM COLISEUM!

3 - Winse

Winse, one of the first three hatchlings that Zone finds when he and Safe’s first nest fails to produce living young. Winse was the first to urge his fellows to go out fighting monsters in the hopes that increasing their strength will make the plague ineffective. He carries a lot of guilt from the Day 13 massacre where three of his companions perished in Woodland Path. He no longer believes in deities due to the plague. He has recently become intent on having young to carry on his legacy and has taken Betes as his mate. He serves as the physical muscle in the Coliseum.

4 - Lymph

Lymph, found in the Wandering Contagion a day after Winse and his fellows, accompanied by his loyal familiar, the Winter Wolf. He’s always been quiet and distant, especially since the deaths of his fellows in the Day 13 massacre. He began to grow affectionate after meeting Leth, eventually taking her as his mate. He’s worried for Winse but is not bold enough to directly confront him. He is an avid user of wind magic in the Coliseum.

5 - Leth

Leth, found in the Wandering Contagion by Zone just before the Day 13 massacre happened, accompanied by her loyal familiar, the Deadwood Boar. Leth was curious but quiet, not entirely understanding the circumstances that the lair was in until Lymph and Winse informed her. She grew eager to help her fellows and remained a ball of positive energy until she messed with the mirror on Day 28, making her uncertain and fearful of how others view her, especially Lymph. She became Lymph’s mate and had a nest with him, becoming devastated when two of the three hatchlings were already dead from the plague. She is currently spending time close to Safe, recovering from the shock.

6 - Betes

Betes, Safe and Zone’s first daughter, is a survivor from their second nest alongside her brother Losis. Betes was a brave young dragon and bears the marks of her sibling’s rough play, teeth marks on one paw. She fell for the mighty Winse and desired to be his mate. The revelation of the plague and her self-entitled nature made Betes wish for the survival of her dream nest and the destruction of her mother and Leth’s nests. Her wish is half granted and she comes to believe that the Plaguebringer spites her. This causes her to become cold and distant toward her only child, Malar.

7 - Losis

Losis, Safe and Zone’s first son, is a survivor from their second nest alongside his sister Betes. Losis has always been big and playful, not really knowing his full strength. his caused him to accidentally scar his sister when they were hatchlings. He’s grown to be the largest dragon in the lair, though his personality fits that of a child in an adult’s body. He spends a lot of time with his father and loves new hatchlings, eager to not be the youngest anymore. He’s puzzled by his sister’s behavior but hasn’t really thought much about it.

8 - Chemi

Chemi, the daughter of Safe and Zone’s third nest, is the sister of Tryp. Chemi is smart and strategic, attempting to balance attack and defense. She and her brother are deeply connected and try to stay in-synch with one another, rarely separating. She has recently started displaying affection toward Rabi, much to her brother’s jealousy.

9 - Tryp

Tryp, the son of Safe and Zone’s third nest, is the brother of Chemi. Tryp is clever and witty, if a bit mean at times. He feels slightly inferior to his sister and fights to stay equal to her, though he’s begun to lean more toward the physical side of battles rather than evening out his stats. He idolizes Winse and Losis. He’s begun to feel that he and his sister are drifting apart since Chemi has begun to pay special attention to Rabi.

10 - Rabi

Rabi, the lone surviving hatchling of Lymph and Leth’s first nest. He was born small, sickly, and very weak. Despite the loss of his siblings, he was effectively adopted as a pseudo-sibling by Chemi and Tryp not long after hatching and has come to remain close to them ever since. Lymph fusses over him constantly, much to Rabi’s annoyance. He wants so badly to prove himself as strong despite his illness but fears that nobody will ever take him seriously. He’s begun to feel a deeper affection for Chemi than just friendship or sibling love.

11 - Malar

Malar, the only child of Betes and Winse, is Safe and Zone’s first grandchild. Malar is seen as perfect by his father and is spoiled rotten. Everyone in the lair loves him…except for his mother. Betes has distanced herself from him and Malar doesn’t understand why. He yearns for his mother but is too scared to approach her, so he takes what love he can get from everyone else. He wants to do something spectacular to make his mother notice and love him.


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