Day 51

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging…

2 - material drop

Ooh, I get to story write again. Sweet!

3 - ready to hatch

Now to see what we get from the fourth SafeZone nest~!

4 - hatchlings

OMG finally! Got a baby Mirror! Haven’t had one since Pox in nest one…

5 - Cella - varicella chickenpox

This is Cella…for varicella, a.k.a. chickenpox. I really hope I get to keep her. I have so many Guardians as is in the lair…

6 - Tussis - pertussis whooping cough

Here’s Tussis…for pertussis, or whooping cough.

7 - Rube - rubeola measles

And this is Rube…for rubeola, or measles.

8 - lair pre-coin toss

Page one of the lair is nearly full! Who wants to bet it won’t stay that way for long?

Let’s see what the coin flip does for us!

don’t kill them all, let Cella live pls pls pls Pinkerton

9 - bye Cella

GDI Pinkerton! I said let Cella live!!

10 - keep Tussis

Well, at least I get one derg from this nest. Welcome home, Tussis.

11 - bye Rube

Well, I only get one derg from this nest. Bye, Rube…

12 - exalt Cella 1

13 - exalt Cella 2

I really wanted Cella to live. I wouldn’t have minded having another mirror in the lair. Oh well…

14 - irony

Irony much? I sure don’t feel honorable for letting all these dergs die…

15 - exalt Rube 1

16 - exalt Rube 2

I also wouldn’t have minded having more female dergs in the lair. GDI Pinkerton!

17 - lair post-flip

Well, page one was almost full…

18 - WinseBetes nest two

19 - five days left

Looks like Betes is trying again with Winse to have her dream nest! She’s got two more than her first attempt.

Too bad same species pairings can only have four eggs maximum. No five egg nest for Betes…

21 - Festive Favors

So close…

20 - look at that dead list

Wow… Look at all those dead dergs… Holy…

All babies except for Pizzicato, Malihini, and Bola…


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