Day 52

Sorry for how late this post is. Today has been busy. Classes officially ended today. Now we have to deal with finals. Whee….

9 - Tussis growth

Look at how fast Tussis is growing~!

1 - four days left

Four more days until they hatch! Then in six days, both LethLymph and ChemiRabi will be able to have nests!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing exciting. Ugh…

3 - Festive Favors 1

Finally have enough holiday items to buy stuff~!

4 - Festive Favors 2

5 - Festive Favors 3

6 - Festive Favors 4

There, got the most expensive item for this holiday!

7 - fishy friends

Awwww! Rabi has friends!

11 - corner cash

You know what? I have so much darn treasure…

12 - lair expansion 1

13 - lair expansion 2

14 - lair expansion 3

Let’s get a lair expansion since we have the cash! Now we have the beginnings of three pages worth of lair space!

And with the rest of the treasure…

15 - holiday item splurge omg

16 - you be a Water derg Rabi

Let’s splurge on holiday items to get another apparel piece!

Rabi, you be a Water derg now~!

10 - seafood drop gdi

Speaking of water… That’s 40 battles, Pinkerton, gdi…

17 - Malar gdi

Oh no, Malar!!

18 - Leth

Okay, good, Leth will keep him safe…

19 - Rabi

…And Rabi decides to tail his mom today. Wonderful.

20 - Malar stats

21 - Rabi stats

Well, one piece of good news. Everyone is under Level 7, so…

22 - under Level 7 oh yeah

We can go back to Training Field and not get zero EXP. Hooray!!

Let’s go!!

Battle 1

battle 1 - look at those ridiculous spirals

after battle 1

Look how ridiculous my Spirals look in comparison to poor Malar! lol

Battle 5

after battle 5 - level ups

after battle 5 - Malar level 2

after battle 5 - Rabi level 2

Level ups for the babies! Yay!

Battle 20

after battle 20 - level ups

after battle 20 - Malar level 3

after battle 20 - Rabi level 3

Another set of level ups for the babies!

Battle 40

after battle 40

And there we stand for the day. Not bad for our first return trip to Training Fields in a while.


Malar level 3

Rabi level 3

The babies got some levels of their own at last and the mom-son duo survived the day. Congrats!


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