Day 54

3 - two more days

Two more days until they hatch~!

2 - Tussis growth

Tussis be getting big fast. Wow.

4 - scavenging

Still boring…

5 - Festive Favors

But it earned me the last of what I needed to get all the holiday exclusive items! Hand over that familiar, Joxar!

6 - Rabi with water familiar

And now Rabi has become a Water dragon in all but flight allegiance. lol

7 - material drop

Ooh! Got a cute idea for this one!

Also, look what is on the front page of Flight Rising:

1 - registration window

Time for another slew of n00bs to invade FR! So if you like what you see both here and on FR, sign up between May 4th and May 8th to join us derg lovers in our merry exploits! Hope to see you there, guys!


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