Flying Fish

“How are they flying? I thought they swam, uncle Rabi!”

Rabi smiled down at the 4.52M blood-colored Guardian beneath him. Tussis was already double the older Spiral’s size and he was only two days old. It amazed Rabi how quickly the young Guardian grew, much like his distant older siblings.

It certainly didn’t make Rabi uncomfortable about his own small size.


Not at all.


The three N’s. Rabi’s favorite words. All relating to comments about his size of just over 1M.

Tussis brought the Spiral back to reality with a swipe of his paw, a groan escaping when the colorful fish surrounding the Spiral zipped out of range.

Dozens of fish swam around the older dragon in one big colorful school, complete with shiny bubbles. How this was possible–let alone how they were not dying from lack of water–nobody quite knew. It was a gift from the Tidelord due to the monthly holiday, the Wavecrest Saturnalia, being in effect. Rabi wound up receiving all four gifts himself–a crown, a glowing Water emblem, the fish, and a watery familiar of his own.

Father had told him about the Mistral Jamboree, the last holiday that occurred for their clan. Rabi quickly spotted the gifts from the event–the crown on Father’s head, the emblem and mask that Zone wore, and the windy familiar that Winse had with him. All gifts from the Windsinger last month.

Tussis was instantly in love with the pretty little fish that swam through the air around Rabi’s twisting frame. The young Guardian pounced and swatted and laughed. Rabi shifted, the school moving with him in a colorful display of fins and scales and bubbles.

Everyone in the lair, for the most part, was intrigued by Rabi’s new companions. The fish helped distract his mother, who was slowly coming back from her shock. She had begun expressing a desire to have another nest, to give Rabi siblings to call his own. Father thought it was too soon but, if mother willed it, Rabi knew his father would cave for her.

Anything to make mother happy again.

Rabi’s job was essentially to serve as a distraction. He would distract everyone from the horrible plague that killed their nestlings. From Betes’ selfish behavior toward her child. From the fear that came when it was time to go into the wilderness to fight for food and treasure and strength.

From the fact that he was irreversibly in love with Chemi, his best friend.

The fish helped him distract, lull, cheer up. They helped him feel better too. He didn’t feel as weak or sick anymore. He even learned magic yesterday. He wasn’t as powerful as his mother yet…but he wanted to get there one day…

Until then, he’d distract, play, love. Just like he always did.


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