Day 55

1 - one more day

One more day until they hatch and wee see how cruel the Plaguebringer is to Betes~!

2 - scavenging

Still no amazing finds, just the last haul of Giant Sand Dollars. I’ve got all the stuff for this holiday, so no more purchases, just stocking up for next April.

3 - trinket drop

Another trinket, Pinkerton? Ugh…

4 - Betes gift apparel

Got some apparel from a chest from familiar bonding. Congrats, Betes! Consider it a gift from Winse or something, yeah?

5 - Tussis growth

So bi~g!

Also, I realized something about doing this during summer for me! Scanning and posting art tends to be difficult when your scanner is not in your possession during the summer months! So…

6 - trinket rule change

I’m changing the Trinket Drop rule during the summer, which–for me–is May through August when school begins again and I have my scanner. While I’ve only gotten three trinket drops during the nearly two months I’ve been doing this, I’m not taking any chances.

So trinkets will now function like familiar drops during this time! Unlike familiar drops, which require me to RNG a species, trinket will force me to buy to cheapest treasure derg, regardless of species.

7 - list of unused trinkets

And since I had a trinket from earlier, in addition to today’s, I’ll just go get two dergs from the AH today to get rid of both trinkets.

8 - Chocomint purchase

9 - Unnamed purchase

And there we are!

10 - Chocomint

Pre-named Chocomint from user Rizu and my first Fae competitor.

11 - Bruce - brucellosis

An unnamed Mirror from user diemondgrimm that I’ve named Bruce…from brucellosis…

12 - lair

So here we are with two new members! Sweet!

I might breed Chocomint and Bruce together in order to create a bloodline separate from SafeZone and LymphLeth, so I can add bloodline diversity and avoid a breeding dead end with all the SafeZone young. So sorry, Losis, Tryp, Malar, and Tussis. No Chocomint mate for you…but maybe her female children, in addition to any daughters that LymphLeth produce. We’ll see…


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