Day 56

1 - dominance again

Look who has first place dominance this week~! That’s right, Plague flight!

2 - Tussis growth

So big so fast, OMG…

3 - scavenging

Still so boring, though I forgot to switch territories so I was still scavenging around Water turf. Oops…

5 - nest hatch

Now to see what children Betes has and what her luck will be today!

6 - hatchlings

OMG, the middle baby! I want it! Pinkerton, please let it live!

7 - Matous - granulomatous amoebic encephalitis

Here’s Matous…from granulomatous amoebic encephalitis…

8 - Zaire - Zaire ebola virus - now called EBOV strain

And Zaire…from the former name of the EBOV strain of the ebola virus…

9 - Herp - herpes B virus

Last is Herp…from the herpes B virus…though it makes me think of herp-derp… Sorry…

10 - lair 1

11 - lair 2

2 pages of dergs! Holy!

But now to flip the coin of fate and see who lives!

Pinkerton pls let Zaire live pls

12 - keep Matous

Get to keep Matous. Okay.

13 - bye Zaire gdi

GDI Pinkerton, I said to let Zaire live!! GDI!!

14 - bye Herp

And bye to Herp too…

15 - exalt Zaire 1

16 - exalt Zaire 2

I guess noodlesthing, the original creator of the FR Nuzlocke, was right. Doing this makes getting beautiful dergs impossible. Plaguebringer…

17 - exalt Herp 1

18 - exalt Herp 2

Goodbye, my herp-derp derg…but why did you give me a gem for exalting you??

4 - battle stone drop gdi

Oh, as if today wasn’t bad enough!! I get a DEATH STREAK now too! Wow, Pinkerton, w-o-w!

Let’s go see who’s gotta suffer through that and where they’ll go…

19 - Malar

Malar, oh no…

20 - Betes

Betes too? Mom-son duo this time…

21 - Lymph

And Lymph. That cements it, we gotta DEATH STREAK through Woodland Path today. Oh god…

22 - Coliseum party

Please live, Malar! Please!

Battle 1

battle 1

after battle 1

I’ll be using lots of Potions here, methinks.

Battle 2

after battle 2

Forgot to screenshot the start of the battle, sorry. The opponents were a Clown Charger and two Death’s Head Stags.

Battle 3

battle 3

after battle 3 - level up Malar

Malar leveled up! If only I could stop and increase his stats…but it’s a DEATH STREAK, so no can do. Hope it doesn’t kill me…

Battle 4

battle 4

after battle 4

This was where I had to start hoarding Breath and spamming magic attacks. Not fun.

Battle 5

battle 5

after battle 5

Easy battle, thank Plaguebringer!

Battle 6

battle 6

after battle 6

I hate Chargers so much…

Battle 7

battle 7

after battle 7

Killed that Bamboo Phytocat near instantly with magic from Lymph and Betes.

Battle 8

battle 8

after battle 8

Basilisks are evil too!!

Battle 9

battle 9

after battle 9

Stranglers suck…

Battle 10

battle 10

after battle 10

Dryads are so easy, thank Plaguebringer!


Malar level 4

Malar 4 yay

One more level and Malar can get his battle stones…

Holy, this post got long! I’ll be done now. Yeah.


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