Day 57

I have decided to alter the rules once again.

13 - trinket rule change permanent

Since doing art on time is difficult for me, I’ve just decided to scrap the trinket art rule altogether. The alteration is now permanent, guys. Hopefully that’ll land me more dergs and get me variety in my apparel breeding pairs.

Due to this and the fact that I’ve only gotten three trinket drops through this whole challenge, two of which were dealt with already through the purchase of Chocomint and Bruce, I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a third cheap derg so that all three trinket drops have been used.

9 - trinket derg purchase

10 - Remia - tularemia

Thus we got an unnamed derg from FR user Gomoratoad. I’ve named her Remia…from the untreated typhoidal form of tularemia…

2 - Tussis grown up

Look at who grew up today! I’m thinking of pairing him with Remia for my current last apparel drop…

3 - Chocomint growth

4 - Bruce growth

5 - Matous growth

And look at the growth in these babies! Hooray, babies!

1 - scavenging in Nature territory

More boring scavenging. This month’s holiday will be for Nature flight, so I’m scavenging there now. Hopefully the Gladekeeper will let me find some cool things…

6 - material drop

More story writing! Yay!

7 - Tryp and chest familiar

Got a familiar from one of the Iron Chests I got today, so I gave it to Tryp. He needs a buddy for when his sis goes off to have kids tomorrow.

8 - Chemi and chest apparel

I also got some apparel from the other Iron Chest I got today, so I decided to dress Chemi up. I think she looks good!

11 - lair 1

12 - lair 2

Now I officially have two pages of dergs! Yay!

Tomorrow LymphLeth and ChemiRabi will be on nests! In four days, SafeZone will be on a nest too. Hopefully we won’t have a nest massacre from the plague…

Maybe the nests will yield some girls for Tryp, Losis, and Malar to hook up with and maybe have a nest with one day.


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