Weekly Report 8

So, at the start of the week, the Wavecrest Saturnalia holiday ended. I got all of the holiday items. Yay!

SafeZone’s fourth nest hatched. Sadly, only one derg lived–Tussis, who has now grown up to compete in the Coliseum.

2 - Tussis grown up

WinseBetes went on the nest directly afterward and had three eggs. Sadly, Betes’ spiteful curse seems to be in effect still, as only one egg lived–little Matous.

5 - Matous growth

Rabi and Malar both hit the Coliseum running this week and survived various encounters in both Training Field and Woodland Path. Malar even survived a DEATH STREAK yesterday alongside his mother.

There is a bulletin on the FR front page now declaring a registration period is opening up. Those who want to join FR, jump on during this period!

1 - registration window

The permanent rule change to trinkets allowed me three cheap dergs from the AH. I now have a new bloodline in the first two and a mate for Tussis in the last derg, filling out my current apparel drops for breeding pairs that are not SafeZone.

3 - Chocomint growth

4 - Bruce growth

10 - Remia - tularemia

Chests have been dropping apparel for me, as well as a familiar. Happy day for chest collecting from familiar bonding!

Now for what’s in the Vault:

1 - food

2 - materials

3 - apparel

4 - battle items

5 - other

Tomorrow we’ll get two more apparel pairs on the nest, LymphLeth and ChemiRabi! Hoping not all the babies die…


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