Day 59

1 - I have a friend

I have…a friend??

15 - welcome PinkerlockeWIP good luck

Good luck, fellow Pinkerlocker, you shall need it if my progress has said anything.

16 - friend request for support

For support…

yes, I will friend those that join this hell with me, support is everything, we can only survive Pinkerton together

5 - Chocomint growth

6 - Bruce growth

7 - Matous growth

8 - Remia growth

Look at all this growth~! Yay!

2 - LymphLeth four days

3 - RabiChemi four days

Four days until these guys hatch. Two days until SafeZone’s next nest too.

4 - scavenging

Come on, Gladekeeper! Give me something good! Pretty please?

9 - trinket drop


10 - purchase

OMG, Imperials! Yesyesyesyesyes!!

11 - Thrax - anthrax

Thank you, daesung, for the unnamed Imperial. He shall be Thrax…after anthrax…

Also, sorry, Tussis, but I think Remia has found her boyfriend. Fully gened baby~!

12 - lair 1

13 - lair 2

Look at my lair! It be growing! Yeah!

Also, remember yesterday when I said that no dergs in my lair ate purely meat?

14 - gdi Remia

Everyone else eats multiple types of food (besides Chocomint but I have insects out the butt right now, so no biggie). Remia just has to be the specialist in the type of food that I just ran out of!

So, if I don’t get a Coliseum item tomorrow, I’ll need to gather meat…like I did once at the start of this challenge…

GDI, Remia… GDI…


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