Day 60

10 - support system installed

11 - 1 friend installed

Thus the support system is installed. Good luck, PinkerlockeWIP, may Pinkerton have mercy on you…because he hasn’t on me yet…

1 - here we go

And now to see if Pinkerton will give me any food drops. Hopefully not a battle stone drop. I need meat!

2 - trinket drop again wow

And…that’s not food. But it’s a trinket. New derg!

3 - hunting today for Remia

Hunting for food…

4 - there

There! Happy, Remia? I may make you live a harsh life as an adult but until then, I shall spoil you rotten. I don’t let my dergs starve! Pinkerton will not stand for a lame death like that!

5 - LymphLeth three days

6 - RabiChemi three days

Three more days left for these guys. Tomorrow, SafeZone will take the last nest for their fifth attempt at happiness. First time all three nests will be filled at once~!

7 - purchase

Another Spiral? Oh well, a derg is a derg. Not gonna complain.

8 - Legion - legionnaire's disease

This unnamed baby Spiral from MoonWhing shall be called Legion…after Legionnaire’s disease…

12 - lair 1

9 - lair 2

Lair is slowly growing…

We’re on Day 60. Never thought I’d get this far without a lair wipe-out. Then again, I hid behind Medium Mode after the Day 13 massacre. Maybe it’s time to ramp things back up to Hard Mode?

why am I doing then? everyone will die, noooo

Also, contemplating what to do to celebrate if I hit Day 100. Any ideas? Something nice, please.


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