Day 61

1 - Chocomint grown up

2 - Bruce grown up

The lovely couple of orphans have grown up now! And…I just realized they’re both Arcane dergs… Wow.

3 - Matous growth

4 - Remia growth

5 - Thrax growth

6 - Legion growth

Matous and the rest of the trinket orphans are growing up fast too! Yay!

7 - LymphLeth two days

8 - RabiChemi two days

The babies will be here in two days…

9 - SafeZone nest five

10 - SafeZone five days

And now we have the fifth SafeZone nest, with the standard three egg set-up, coming in five days.

11 - scavenging

More boring scavenging in Nature territory…

12 - plant food drop

Coliseum time once again. That’s 20 battles.

13 - lair

14 - Coliseum selection

Now we have twelve adults for the Coliseum chopping block, minus Safe and Zone for obvious reasons. Let’s see who goes in today!

15 - Chemi

First up is Chemi.

16 - Leth

Now we have Leth. Looks like a trip to Woodland Path.

Winse, if you get picked, I will be so angry with you…

17 - Losis

Thank Plaguebringer, it’s Losis!

18 - Woodland Path party

We’re off to Woodland Path! Yes!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Going good so far. Maybe Chemi will get her battle stones today…

Battle 11

after battle 11 - level up

after battle 11 - Chemi level 5

I love the Victory Chain EXP boost if you’re underleveled for the venue. So nice!

Chemi now has battle stones. Decided to start her off on magic since Tryp has physical moves currently.

Battle 17

after battle 17 - level up

after battle 17 - Leth level 7

And now Leth has joined the ranks of the dergs that I do not want picked for Coliseum or DEATH STREAK drops now…because Hard Mode will make me go to Scorched Forest.

watch another Day 13 massacre happen there

Please no…

Battle 20

after battle 20

And there we go! No deaths, so we got a bunch of close calls due to Greenroot Janustraps deciding to try killing Leth.


Chemi level 5

Leth level 7

Got some level ups, have three nests full of eggs, and at least three dergs that I never want picked for the Coliseum unless they’re together.

Thank you, Hard Mode, for making me fear my own dergs.


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