Day 62

1 - Matous grown up

Look at who grew up today! Hooray for Malar’s baby bro!

2 - Remia growth

3 - Thrax growth

4 - Legion growth

Three more orphans left to grow~!

5 - LymphLeth one day

6 - RabiChemi one day

Tomorrow these seven hatch! How many will live, I wonder?

Pinkerton knows I won’t get all seven to live, I’ll be lucky to get half to survive, calling it now

7 - SafeZone four days

Four more days until the next batch of SafeZone babies arrive!

8 - scavenging

Gladekeeper, why? Let me find something cool! Like an egg! Please!

9 - apparel drop

Another breeding opportunity, wow…

10 - lair 1

11 - lair 2

One page full of adult dergs. Wow!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, huh?


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