Day 63 part 1

Dividing this in two just because of the large amount of content today. A lot happened.

1 - Remia grown up

Look at who grew up today! So gorgeous!

2 - scavenging

Still boring but I’m getting all this stuff out of the way before I do nest hatching.

4 - LymphLeth ready to hatch

5 - LymphLeth babies

Awww! Look at the baby LymphLeths!

6 - RabiChemi ready to hatch

7 - RabiChemi babies

Yes! Got some non-red colors! I knew you guys would pull through for me!

8 - SafeZone three days

Three days left for these guys. Now they’re all alone on their nest in the Nesting Grounds…

Now onto the babies!

9 - Geri - progeria

First LymphLeth babe is Geri…from progeria… I’m pronouncing it like Jerry so far.

10 - Mening - primary amoebic meningoencephalitis

Then there’s Mening…from primary amoebic meningoencephalitis… Such a long disease name, holy!

11 - Mar - Marburg virus disease

Last is Mar…from Marburg virus disease…

12 - Tula - tularemia

First RabiChemi babe is Tula…from tularemia. Just like Remia! lol

13 - Pati - hepatitis A

Then there’s Pati…from Hepatitis A…

14 - Lassa - Lassa Fever

Next up is Lassa…from Lassa Fever…

15 - Vari - varicella or chickenpox

Last is Vari…from varicella, or chickenpox, just like Cella’s name was!

just realized RabiChemi had a nest of daughters, lol

16 - lair pre-flip

So, now is the worst bit. Coin flip time. How many babies will Pinkerton kill today?

17 - keep Geri

Get to keep Geri.

18 - bye Mening

Awww! I liked Mening’s name! GDI…

19 - bye Mar

No, Mar! Pinkerton, stop killing all my girl babies!!

So, I only get one LymphLeth baby…again… How many RabiChemi babies will I get?

20 - bye Tula

Well, there goes Tula. Watch Pinkerton kill them all because they’re female…

21 - keep Pati

Ooh! I get to keep Pati! Yes!

22 - keep Lassa

Ooh! Lassa too! Yay! Both non-red babies are mine!

23 - bye Vari

And you killed Vari, Pinkerton. Nice…

So, I get three out of seven babies today. Better than none, I guess. Now for the exalting.

24 - exalt Mening 1

25 - exalt Mening 2

Bye, Mening. Really loved your name.

26 - exalt Mar 1

27 - exalt Mar 2

Bye, Mar. Also loved your name. And you were cute.

28 - exalt Tula 1

29 - exalt Tula 2

Bye, Tula. Loved your colors and genes. Jade underbelly went well with the rest of your body.

30 - exalt Vari 1

31 - exalt Vari 2

Bye, Vari. You just looked cool overall. Even if you were another red derg.

32 - lair post-flip

Well, my lair went down in number fast.

Pinkerton drop and other stuff will be in part two. Go find it. See the rest of how awful this day went for me.


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