Day 63 part 2

Been a while since I’ve done a part two. Let’s get right to it with what Pinkerton did to me today.

3 - plant food drop

20 battles. Not too bad, right?

33 - Coliseum party generation

With Remia having grown up, we now have 14 dergs to participate in the Coliseum. Let’s see who goes, huh?

34 - Winse omg no

This is where things went to hell. Remember who number 1 is?

It’s Winse.

Winse. Level 9. Winse.

I went back to Hard Mode a few days ago, remember?

Guess where Level 9 sends me.

Not Woodland Path, that’s for sure.

35 - Chocomint no

Oh, come on! Chocomint is supposed to have beautiful babies with Bruce! You can’t kill her like this, Pinkerton!

36 - Tussis no

Okay, Tussis I am less sad about but come on! You have to kill them like this?

37 - Chocomint stats

38 - Tussis stats

Get a good last look at these two, people. Because they are going to die today. A massacre is about to happen here.

All because Winse is Level 9.

39 - screw Sandswept Delta

Now, technically, Level 9 sends me to Sandswept Delta. Screw that! I haven’t even gone to Scorched Forest due to me wussing to Medium Mode after Day 13.

So I shall go to Scorch Forest and maybe, just MAYBE, I can live.

I doubt it.

But I can hope.

Let’s do this already. GDI.

Battle 1

battle 1 - omg Tussis

There was turn 1…

battle 1 - omg Chocomint

There’s turn 2…

battle 1 - Tussis nooo

Turn 3…

battle 1 - Chocomint nooo

And turn 4…

after battle 1 - fuck Scorched Forest

I finished the battle many, many, MANY turns later. Winse was nearly dead. So you know what?


I’m wussing out again. Back to Woodland Path for today!

But first…

after battle 1 - exalt Tussis 1

after battle 1 - exalt Tussis 2

Goodbye, Tussis…

after battle 1 - exalt Chocomint 1

after battle 1 - exalt Chocomint 2

Goodbye, Chocomint…

Battle 2

battle 2 - Winse all alone now

Winse be all alone now. This should be fun. Good thing he’s Level 9.

battle 2 - wtf glitch

WTF is this glitch????

Battle 6

battle 6 - glitch again

I don’t think the Coliseum approves of 1-derg runs in monster battles. I killed the first Blooming Strangler…yet its turns were not deleted from the attack order on the left side. I was stuck here and had to redo the match.

FR, get your Coliseum fixed!

Battle 20

after battle 20

There, done! Winse soloed this challenge alone for 19 battles!


lair post-Coliseum 1

lair post-Coliseum 2

Besides the obvious lack of two dergs from my lair?

breeding list for apparel

I guess Chocomint and Bruce won’t be having lovely babies now.

Good thing the fact that Pati and Lassa lived means I have girls to breed. Legion and Pati should have good gray babies. That leaves Geri and Lassa, unless Bruce sneaks in or something…

What a day. Fifty days from the Day 13 massacre, another happens. GDI.


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