Day 64

1 - Thrax grown up

Thrax be all grown up, the handsome baby!

2 - lair

The lair’s grown-ups be recovering from yesterday…

3 - two days

Two more days…

4 - scavenging

Still nothing cool. Hit Level 25 in Scavenging, though.

5 - meat drop gdi

GDI Pinkerton! Why? 50 battles! Ugh…

6 - party generation

Got 13 adults currently. Let’s see who goes.

7 - Matous

Okay, got Matous…

8 - Leth

Leth, GDI…

9 - Lymph

Leth AND Lymph?! WTF, Pinkerton?!

10 - party

After yesterday, I’m wimping back to Medium Mode for today. Woodland Path, here I come!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good.

Battle 2

after battle 2 - level up

after battle 2 - Matous level 2

Matous be Level 2.

Bottom of screen is cut because I was dumb and forgot to put my Skype to Do Not Disturb, so I screenshot notifications too. GDI. Gotta remember to switch that off when I screenshot for this.

Battle 5

after battle 5 - level up

after battle 5 - Matous level 3

He be climbing levels fast~!

Battle 12

after battle 12 - level ups

after battle 12 - Matous level 4

after battle 12 - Lymph level 8

Dual level ups! Yay!

Battle 32

battle 32 - Matous dead gdi

…Yeah, this happened. I was tired, started drifting off, and mis-clicked. I meant to heal but I attacked instead. And missed. And then Matous died.

after battle 32 - exalt Matous 1

after battle 32 - exalt Matous 2

He was doing so well and I ruined it, GDI!!

after battle 32 - lair

My lair keeps getting emptier…

after battle 32 - party

Now it’s up to the power couple to finish the battles out!!

Battle 33

battle 33 - Leth dead gdi


Okay, this one wasn’t my fault! Leth had lost maybe a sixth of her HP. Then both of these suckers hit her with Nature elemental moves, both get critical hits, and Leth is dead before I can do anything. Why is Light weak to Nature?? Or am I just that lucky tonight?!

after battle 33 - exalt Leth 1

after battle 33 - exalt Leth 2

And thus the power couple has been broken forevermore…

after battle 33 - lair

Lair gets emptier and emptier. Did you hate the trinket rule change THAT MUCH, Pinkerton? Great Plaguebringer…

after battle 33 - party

Now Lymph has to face Woodland Path all alone. OMG, why??

Battle 50

after battle 50

OMG!! Fighting solo with Lymph is such a pain! I had to Meditate so many times to get enough breath to kill things because he only has magic attacks. I lost so many Potions of all three varieties I had to keep him from dying to basilisks. It was just so stressful!


Lymph level 8

Well, Lymph survived the toughest challenge of his life…and lost his wife…

RIP Leth and Matous. You will be missed.

Might write a story entry for what happened tonight. But that will be done tomorrow. Too sleepy right now. Gonna do the RIP and Weekly Report posts and then crash. Ugh…


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