Day 65

1 - one more day

Tomorrow I get more babies! Yay!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing cool from Nature territory. Ugh…

8 - lair expansion 1

9 - lair expansion 2

Got enough for another lair expansion. May as well, right?

3 - trinket drop

THANK PLAGUEBRINGER!! I don’t have to go to the Coliseum today! I get to go to the Auction House and get a free derg! Yay!

4 - AH purchase

5 - Ande - septicemic glanders

I get an unnamed Ridgeback baby from user Seffiron. I’ll name her Ande…from glanders…

I think she’ll be Bruce’s new mate. He needs a girl now that Chocomint is gone…

totally not because Ande and Chocomint were both Chocolate Cherub-gened babies

6 - lair 1

7 - lair 2

Lost 8, gained 1…

Making a comeback, maybe? We’ll see what tomorrow says…


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