Day 66

1 - Legion grown up

Pati, your man be handsome~!

6 - Geri growth

7 - Pati growth

8 - Lassa growth

9 - Ande growth

They all be growing so fast!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing cool to be scavenged. Ugh…

4 - ready to hatch

Time to see what we get and who lives!

pls have a Mirror baby and let it live pls

5 - hatchlings

Yesh! Mirror baby!

10 - Kuru - variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

First we have Kuru…which is a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease…

11 - Asper - Aspergillosis, invasive pulmonary form

Then Asper…from aspergillosis…

12 - Sars - severe acute respiratory syndrome

Last is Sars…from the acronym for severe acute respiratory syndrome…

13 - lair pre-flip

Now which will live? Coin flip time!

14 - bye Kuru

Well, Kuru won’t…

15 - bye Asper

GDI, neither will Asper!!

16 - bye Sars

OMG, what?? First full nest death since Day 6!! Holy Plaguebringer!!

Great. That means I get no babies from this nest. I gotta exalt them all. Awww…

17 - exalt Kuru 1

18 - exalt Kuru 2

Goodbye, Kuru…

19 - exalt Asper 1

20 - exalt Asper 2

Goodbye, Asper…

gdi Pinkerton why must you kill all my baby Mirrors??

21 - exalt Sars 1

22 - exalt Sars 2

And goodbye, Sars…

28 - WinseBetes nest three

29 - five days

Now we have five days until the next nest hatches!

3 - seafood drop

Welp, Coliseum time again. 40 battles.

pls don’t kill my dergs again pls

23 - party generation time

Got twelve adults since last Coliseum. Let’s see who goes to Woodland Path today.

screw Scorched Forest still

24 - Thrax

Oh no, baby Thrax!!

25 - Lymph

Lymph, don’t let my orphan die, y’hear me??

26 - Tryp

Been a while since Tryp joined in.

27 - party

Let’s go do this! And hope nobody dies today…

Battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good…

Battle 2

after battle 2 - level up

after battle 2 - Thrax level 2

How many level ups will you get today, Thrax? I’m betting you’ll hit Level 3 or 4 today, if you live.

Battle 6

after battle 6 - level up

after battle 6 - Thrax level 3

There’s Level 3~!

Battle 17

after battle 17 - level up

after battle 17 - Thrax level 4

And there’s Level 4!

Battle 28

after battle 28 - level up

after battle 28 - Tryp level 6

Even Tryp got a level! Yay!

Battle 40

after battle 40

And there we go! No deaths today in Woodland Path! Yay!


Thrax level 4

Congrats on surviving, Thrax! That’s more than I can say for Matous, Tussis, and Chocomint…

Tryp level 6

Yay for life, Tryp!

So our dergs live another day despite the nest dying out. WinseBetes hatches in five days. Following that will be LegionPati and then GeriLassa to complete our current apparel drop list. Once we get another apparel item, BruceAnde will be a thing.

Until then…


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