Day 67 part 1

1 - four days

Four days left…

4 - Geri growth

5 - Pati growth

6 - Lassa growth

7 - Ande growth

Look at all that growth~!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing cool! Really, Gladekeeper? Toss me a bone here, please!

8 - Remia apparel

Got some apparel from an Iron Chest from familiar bonding. Looked best on Remia, so there you go, girl!

3 - insect drop

30 battles in the Coliseum. Yay.

Let’s see who gets to go today!

9 - Thrax

Thrax? I think you be getting obsessed, buddy…

10 - Winse

Winse! No Scorched Forest still! Woodland Path it shall be!

11 - Bruce

And the unlucky lover himself, Bruce~!

12 - party

Here’s the party for this drop!

Unfortunately, at the time of this posting, Flight Rising is being slow to load for me. So I’ve decided to post this stuff tonight and do the battles tomorrow first thing before I do anything relating to Day 68.

Today has just been too long and hectic for me to do this now. Not unless we want a repeat of Day 64’s late night massacre. I know I don’t.

So see you tomorrow for the rest of this day’s dose of punishment…


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