Day 67 part 2

Here we are, the Coliseum battles from yesterday. Nothing for Day 68 has been done yet. When I first logged on, I made sure my party was still the selected three from yesterday. Then I dove right into Woodland Path for yesterday’s 30 battles!

Battle 1

battle 1 - Bruce dead gdi

And the unlucky lover Bruce has died from bleeding out. I didn’t realize he was bleeding in addition to his low health so I opted to attack. When I realized he was bleeding, it was the enemies’ turn so I couldn’t save him. Thankfully, he bled to death rather than having the monsters kill him.

after battle 1

Now that’s unfortunate, but Thrax and Winse still lived! So yay! Kinda?

after battle 1 - exalt Bruce 2

after battle 1 - exalt Bruce 3

RIP Bruce, now you can go see your beloved Chocomint again…

just realized Winse essentially watched this couple die, omg

after battle 9 - Thrax level 5

Now for the next 29 battles with only these two.

Battle 9

after battle 9 - level up

after battle 9 - Thrax level 5

Thrax finally can get a battle stone! Yes!

Battle 30

after battle 30

I love how Light dragons have such low breath requirements for their battle stones compared to Shadow dragons. Thrax is busting out moves every other turn while Winse has to wait forever to get enough magic for his. Wow…


Thrax level 5

Thrax be Level 5 now and the new Light powerhouse. Spiritual successor to Leth??

lair 1

lair 2

And now the lair, minus one unlucky lover. I guess Ande will just have to wait and see what men are left.

Losis, Tryp, or Malar might get lucky if she lives long enough to breed…unless Lymph gets her…


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