Day 69

Yes, I know what number day it is. Shut up, all you gutter dwellers.

1 - Geri grown up

2 - Pati grown up

3 - Lassa grown up

The last LymphLeth son and the two SafeZone granddaughters have finally grown up! Yay!

4 - Ande growth

ande be getting up there pretty quick, though. Four days old and she’s pretty big!

5 - two days

Two days left before these guys hatch…

6 - scavenging

Still nothing cool. Awww…

7 - material drop

Another material drop? Pinkerton is being merciful…

8 - Legion chest apparel

Got an apparel item from a Rusty Chest from familiar bonding. Since it matches Legion’s eyes, I gave it to him.

9 - lair 1

10 - lair 2

Look at all the grown babies! Safe and Zone are so proud!


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