Day 71

1 - Ande grown up

Look who grew up~!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing cool. Ugh…

3 - material drop

More writing to do today. Sweet!

4 - nest hatch

Now to see the results of the hatching!

5 - hatchlings

Yes, two non-red babies! Yay!

6 - Theria - respiratory diphtheria

First up is Theria…from respiratory diphtheria…

7 - Ella - varicella

Next is Ella…from varicella…

Third time using that disease for a name… All of them died… Can Ella break the mold?

8 - Rosi - leptospirosis

Last is Rosi…from leptospirosis…

Wow, Winse and Betes had all daughters this time. Sweet!

10 - lair 2

Now for the coin flip to see who lives…

11 - keep Theria

Get to keep Theria.

12 - bye Ella

Nope, Ella couldn’t break the varicella-names-die mold…

13 - keep Rosi

Ooh, I get to keep Rosi too! Yay!

14 - exalt Ella 1

15 - exalt Ella 2

Goodbye, Ella. You can keep Vari and Cella company with the Plaguebringer…

9 - lair 1

16 - lair post-flip

The lair is slowly growing…


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