Day 72

1 - scavenging

Still nothing cool to be found. Awww…

9 - Ande apparel

Forgot that I got apparel from an Iron Chest yesterday. Ande’s cuteness just went up~!

2 - plant drop

20 battles today.

9 - lair 1

16 - lair post-flip

3 - party generation

Got 15 adult dergs that can participate. Let’s see who goes in today.

4 - Remia

Ooh, Remia gets a shot at last!

5 - Tryp

Been a while since Tryp’s last turn…

6 - Rabi

Rabi’s first turn since his mother Leth died. Ooh…

7 - party

Look at that! Everyone is under Level 7~!

Guess what that means…

8 - Training Field yay


Battle 1

after battle 1

I missed this place, OMG…

Battle 7

after battle 7 - level up

after battle 7 - Remia level 2

Remia’s first level up! She may get another if I get the right enemies…

Battle 20

after battle 20

So close, Remia. So close.


Remia level 2

She’ll level up next time. Hopefully this gives her an edge in her next Coliseum appearance.


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