Day 73

1 - Theria growth

2 - Rosi growth

They be growing so fast~!

3 - scavenging

Still nothing cool, gdi!

4 - insect drop

well, that’s 30 battles. Let’s see who goes today!

5 - Lassa

Lassa has finally entered the ring! pls don’t die

6 - Chemi

And mama Chemi is right there with her!

7 - Losis

Along with uncle Losis!

8 - party

Everyone be under Level 7. Time to head to Training Fields while I still can!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good…

Battle 6

after battle 6 - level up

after battle 6 - Lassa level 2

Betting Lassa will hit at least Level 3…

Battle 21

after battle 21 - level ups

after battle 21 - Lassa level 3

after battle 21 - Losis level 7

Uncle and niece level up together! Hooray!

wait, Level 7? Oh no… Does that mean…?

Battle 22

after battle 22 - zero EXP gdi


I guess we’re moving to Woodland Path now…

Battle 29

after battle 29 - level up

after battle 29 - Lassa level 4

Well, Lassa surpassed my guess. Sweet!

Battle 30

after battle 30

And there, done! Kinda rough in Woodland Path but we did it! Yay!


Lassa level 4

Lassa did a great job today for her first Coliseum scrap. Keep up the good work and live to have your babies with Geri!

Losis level 7

Losis is now among the dragons that cannot go to Training Fields anymore due to the Level 7 = zero EXP cap thing. Still say that’s unfair but…oh well…


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