Day 76 part 1

1 - Theria growth

2 - Rosi growth

So much growth with these babies~!

4 - scavenging

Still nothing cool. Ugh…

3 - insect drop

30 battles. Great.

Won’t be able to do them today due to day junk eating my time. Same deal as last time this happened. I’ll do today’s Coliseum stuff first thing tomorrow before I do Day 77’s stuff.

Let’s see who goes.

5 - Thrax

Thrax again. He’s a sucker for the Coliseum, huh?

6 - Geri

Geri! Ooh!

Speaking of him, discovered a glitch in my breeding plans. Geri is technically Lassa’s uncle, so…yeah… They don’t get to breed. Already altered the story bit that mentioned a romantic relationship between them. That leaves the last breeding slot open for now.

Speaking of story bits, I know I forgot yesterday’s. Will do it tonight.

7 - Pati

And Pati. Ooh!

8 - Geri stats

9 - Pati stats

Look at those levels. Guess where we’re going tomorrow~!

Training Fields again! Yay!


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