Day 76 part 2

Sorry this wasn’t done earlier. I was swamped with chores and cleaning. Ugh…

Off to Training Fields for 30 battles!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Easy day, this will be…

Battle 4

after battle 4 - level ups

after battle 4 - Geri level 2

after battle 4 - Pati level 2

Level two~!

Battle 15

after battle 15 - level ups

after battle 15 - Geri level 3

after battle 15 - Pati level 3

Level three~!

Battle 30

after battle 30

And there, all done!


Geri level 3

Pati level 3

Got the n00b babies leveled now. Yay!

holiday item drops in Coliseum

Also, I forgot that today was the start of Nature’s holiday week, the Greenskeeper Gathering. So I scored 4 extra holiday items while doing this today. Oops.

Oh well, since when has four extra ever changed things for me?

Onto Day 77 now!


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