Day 77

3 - Greenskeeper Gathering holiday

It’s that time of month again~! Nature flight’s holiday is this month.

1 - Theria grown up

2 - Rosi grown up

Look who grew up today! Yay!

14 - SafeZone nest 6

15 - five days

Also, I forgot to pay attention to Safe and Zone’s breeding cooldown since I was so focused on Legion and Pati surviving. This should have been started two days ago. Oh well…

4 - scavenging

Still nothing cool beyond holiday item drops…

5 - Festive Favors

Speaking of holiday items, these are what Joxar has for us if we get enough!

6 - meat drop

Meat drop, ugh! 50 battles…

7 - lair 1

8 - lair 2

9 - party generation

Wow, no babies in the lair for once. Wow…

Got 17 dergs capable of participating in the Coliseum now. Let’s see who goes today.

10 - Rabi

Ooh, Rabi! Been a while…

11 - Theria

And Theria goes on her first day!

12 - Pati

Pati? Hmmm… Deja vu. It’s almost like she was just in the Coliseum today…

13 - party

Guess what? All under Level 7. Back to Training Fields! Hooray!

Battle 1

after battle 1

I smell another easy day ahead of me…

Battle 4

after battle 4 - level up

after battle 4 - Theria level 2

Theria be thriving!

Battle 9

after battle 9 - level up

after battle 9 - Pati level 4

And Pati hits Level 4! Sweet!

Battle 16


after battle 16 - level up

after battle 16 - Theria level 3

Theria be getting stronger at Level 3~!

Battle 41

after battle 41 - level up

after battle 41 - Theria level 4

And Theria has managed to catch up with her niece Pati!

Battle 50

after battle 50

So close, Rabi! Next time…


Theria level 4

Pati level 4

Look at those levels~! Good job, girls!

Coliseum holiday drops

Collected a few more holiday item drops during my foray into the Coliseum. Yay!


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