Day 78

1 - four days

Four days left until the next SafeZone nest hatches~!

2 - scavenging

Nothing cool beyond holiday items still. Speaking of holiday items…

3 - 75 already wtf

WTF? 75 already? Well, I guess I can start my purchasing today, starting with the most expensive first.

4 - Rosi holiday apparel

Look how pretty Rosi is now! Awwww!

5 - battlestone drop gdi

And…my joy is gone… DEATH STREAK time, people!

6 - lair 1

7 - lair 2

So, who among these brave survivors will venture into the darkness of the Coliseum to survive a 10-match DEATH STREAK?

8 - Rosi

Are you kidding me, Pinkerton?! I just made Rosi beautiful! GDI!

9 - Lassa

Lassa’s in on it too. Great…

10 - Losis

And congrats, Losis, you just forced us to go to Woodland Path. Good job, boy!

if Rosi dies I’m gonna skin you Pinkerton

11 - party

I guess let’s do this. OMG why??

Battle 1

battle 1

after battle 1

Wow, a level up! Too bad I can’t leave to upgrade Rosi’s stats. Gonna have to go through this whole thing with Level 1 stats. Yay…

Battle 2battle 2

after battle 2

Not too horrid so far…

Battle 3

battle 3

after battle 3

Hey, remember when I said this wasn’t too horrid? Yeah…

Battle 4

battle 4

after battle 4

Well, I’m still alive. Yay?

Battle 5


battle 5

after battle 5

Halfway there…

Battle 6

battle 6

after battle 6

Almost there…

Battle 7

battle 7

after battle 7

Am I hitting easy street suddenly? Not complaining…

Battle 8

battle 8

after battle 8

Live, live, live, live…

Battle 9

battle 9

after battle 9

One more to go…

Battle 10

battle 10

after battle 10

Yes! I’m done! No deaths! Hooray!


Rosi level 3

level 3 Rosi

Well, Rosi somehow lived through the DEATH STREAK. Had a few close calls but she lived. Yay!

12 - Festive Favors

Also this…just because…


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