Day 79

1 - three days

Three days left~!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing cool beyond holiday items…

3 - April Fool item drop in Iron Chest

Did that Iron Chest…just give me…an April Fools apparel item??? Okay???

4 - Lymph apparel

5 - Legion apparel

Decided to swap some apparel around. Lymph gives his crown to Legion and dons the hat of a true wizard.

might give Legion the High Nook too but it looks good with Lymph’s iridescent green

6 - plant drop

Battle time. 20 battles. Let’s see who goes today.

8 - Geri

Geri up again. Been a bit.

9 - Tryp

Tryp! Good, under the Level 7 cap for Training Fields…

10 - Ande

And Ande finally joins in on the wild forays into the Coliseum!

11 - party

This should be fun. To Training Fields, we go!

Battle 1

after battle 1

So far, so good…

Battle 9

after battle 9 - level up

after battle 9 - Ande level 2

Ande be taking her sweet time to level up here. Just like Leth did…

Battle 17

after battle 17 - level up

after battle 17 - Geri level 4

And Geri levels up too! Yay!

Battle 20

after battle 20

What a rather easy day…


Geri level 4

Ande level 2

Both of the Cherub babies survived and leveled! Yay!

12 - Festive Favors

This is what I have in terms of holiday currency right now.

7 - one day until apparel nest yay

Tomorrow, Legion and Pati will finally have babies of their own! Yes!

Also, go check out my buddy PinkerlockeWIP who has been getting the worst from Pinkerton the past few days. They’re braver than me in the fact that they’re over 20 days in and already facing Scorched Forest. I’m almost 80 days in and I’ve only been in there once… So yeah, go check them out!


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