Day 80 part 1

Sorry for how late this is. Unforeseen circumstances involving family cut into this post.

1 - two days

Two days left…

2 - LegionPati apparel nest

3 - five days

And now Legion and Pati finally have their apparel nest laid! Yay!

4 - scavenging

Still nothing cool. Ugh…

6 - Festive Favors

Time to get some more holiday apparel~!

7 - Legion crown swap

Decided to swap out Legion’s previous Wind crown for the current Nature crown, since the colors matched better.

8 - Rosi crown

And Rosi got the Wind crown due to green butterfly. It looks good on her, really.

5 - meat drop

Ugh… 50 battles.

Let’s see who goes…

9 - Geri

Geri, you’re a glutton for the Coliseum lately.

10 - Losis

Thanks, Losis, for kicking us out of Training Fields.

11 - Rabi

Last is Rabi. We got the brother combo here!

12 - party

I had completed 6 battles in Woodland Path before said unforeseen circumstances occurred. Due to them, the rest of the Coliseum battles will be done tomorrow and posted in Part 2.

Thank you for being patient with my home issues…


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