Day 80 part 2

Here it is. Done this afternoon, finished editing just now along with Day 81’s entry.

Onto the 50 battles in Woodland Path!

Battle 1

after battle 1

This shouldn’t be too bad…

Battle 2

after battle 2 - level up

after battle 2 - Rabi level 6

And there’s Rabi’s long-awaited level up! Yay!

Battle 20

after battle 20 - level up

after battle 20 - Geri level 5

And now Geri gets battle stones! Going magic with him, like his daddy.

Battle 43

after battle 43 - level ups

after battle 43 - Losis level 8

after battle 43 - Rabi level 7

Everyone be climbing up the level ladder today~!

Battle 49

after battle 49 - level up

after battle 49 - Geri level 6

Nearly done…

Battle 50

after battle 50

And all done! Yes!


Geri level 6

Losis level 8

Rabi level 7

My babies are growing up so quick! Awww!

Now onto Day 81 at last!


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