Day 82 part 1

Cutting this into two parts prematurely in case I indeed don’t have time to do the Coliseum today. Got two hours before I go to an overnight event with friends and I have all but the Coliseum done right now. So this is just in case. We’ll see.

1 - scavenging

Still nothing cool.

3 - Festive Favors

And now to get that last holiday prize–the familiar!

4 - Legion and holiday familiar

Giving it to Legion and sending his Strangler to Geri now…because color theme.

5 - LegionPati three days

Three days…

6 - SafeZone nest hatch

Now it’s time to hatch these guys! Yay!

7 - hatchlings


8 - Seve - severe

First is Seve…for severe…because a lot of diseases seem to have a regular and then severe version to them. So yeah…

9 - Lujo - Lujo virus disease

Then we have Lujo…for Lujo virus disease. I really love this name.

10 - lair pre-flip

Now to see who lives and/or dies!

Pinkerton pls don’t kill both pls

11 - bye Seve

Oof! Lost Seve. Poor baby!

12 - keep Lujo

Yes! I get to keep Lujo!

13 - exalt Seve 1

14 - exalt Seve 2

Goodbye, Seve. You will be missed.

15 - lair post-flip

Row of girls~! lol

2 - insect drop

30 battles. Goodie.

Let’s see who goes!

16 - Tryp

Tryp again.

17 - Lassa

Been a while, Lassa!

18 - Rabi

And Rabi again.

19 - party

Due to one of these guys being Level 7, we’ll be going to Woodland Path again today. Whether that’s in the next two hours or tomorrow, we’ll see.


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