Day 83

Today is the last day of the Greenskeeper Gathering. Hope everyone had a fun holiday week!

1 - Lujo growth

Look how big she’s getting! Eee!

2 - LegionPati two days

Two days…

By the time this nest hatches, LymphAnde will take over the nest with their own babies!

3 - scavenging

Still nothing cool! Augh!

4 - insect drop

30 more battles? Pinkerton…

Let’s see who goes now…

5 - Legion

Ooh, Legion finally goes!

6 - Betes

Been a while, Betes.

7 - Pati

And we have the nesting couple in the ring! Welcome, Pati!

8 - party

I just realized that Betes is under Level 7. You know what that means~!

Off to Training Fields! Yay!

Battle 1

after battle 1 - Gladiator achievment

2000 opponents…in 83 days? WTF? Wow…

Battle 9

after battle 9 - level up

after battle 9 - Legion level 2

Getting those levels~!

Battle 30

after battle 30 - level up

after battle 30 - Legion level 3

Leveling up during the final fight! Woot woot!


Legion level 3

Daddy Legion be surviving! Yeah!


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