Day 84

1 - June registration period

Looks like we have another new user registration period coming up, people! Yay!

2 - Plague dominance

And Plague has primary dominance this week! Yes!

3 - Lujo growth

Look at those growth spurts in baby Lujo! Whoo!

4 - LegionPati one day

Tomorrow’s the day for apparel nesting. LegionPati will hatch while LymphAnde will take their place on the nest.

5 - scavenging in Light territory

Moving onto scavenging in Light territory since the Nature holiday is over. Still nothing cool yet, though.

6 - trinket drop

Trinket drop! I get a new derg! Yes!

7 - trinket purchase

Ooh, so pretty!

8 - Dreamer

From Flight Rising user Birdie99 we have the pre-named Dreamer! So handsome!

I think Lassa has just found her boyfriend~!

9 - lair 1

10 - lair 2

My clan is, bit by bit, managing to stay strong. Sweet.


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