Day 85

1 - Lujo growth

2 - Dreamer growth

Look at that growth! Yeah!

3 - scavenging

Still nothing cool. Ugh…

4 - apparel drop

Another free breeding opportunity. Yay!

5 - LegionPati nest hatch

Time to see what babies Legion and Pati have given us!

6 - hatchlings

OMG Pinkerton, please let the one on the end live! They’re so pretty!

7 - Creutz - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

First is Creutz…from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease…

8 - Somia - African trypanosomiasis

Then we have Somia…from African trypanosomiasis…

9 - Jakob - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

And last is Jakob…from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease…like his bro Creutz. They’re totally a pair. lol

10 - lair pre-flip

Now to see who lives and dies. Pinkerton, please have mercy on the great-grandkids…

11 - bye Creutz

Awww! There goes to bromance with Creutz and Jakob! RIP Creutz…

12 - keep Somia

I seem to get lucky with the girls in my clan when it comes to who lives in these flips. I get to keep Somia.

13 - keep Jakob

OMG yes! I get to keep Jakob! Woot woot!

14 - exalt Creutz 1

15 - exalt Creutz 2

I still wonder how newborn dergs can accumulate treasure in the few minutes that they live before being exalted…

16 - lair post-flip

I am just SO happy right now! Yay!

17 - LymphAnde nest

18 - LymphAnde five days

And now for LymphAnde to take the nest with four–count ’em, four–eggs! Yes!

Still leaving the last two apparel pairs as blank until LymphAnde and ThraxRemia have their babies so  can see if I can make new pairs. If not then maybe WinseBetes and RabiChemi will get another shot at nesting now. We’ll see…


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