Day 86

1 - Lujo growth

2 - Dreamer growth

3 - Somia growth

4 - Jakob growth

Look at all that growth! Yeah!

5 - LymphAnde four days

Four days…

6 - scavenging

Lightweaver, come on! Gimme some cool stuff, please~!

7 - Ande chest apparel

Got some apparel from a Rusty Chest from familiar bonding, so momma Ande be making her spiked tail more hatchling friendly. lol

8 - meat drop gdi

GDI Pinkerton! 50 battles… Time to see who goes this time.

9 - Tryp

Thanks for kicking us out of Training Field from the get-go, Tryp…

10 - Tryp

Been a bit, Thrax.

11 - Ande

And Ande ends the team for us, folks.

12 - party

So off to Woodland Path we go!

Battle 1

after battle 1 - level up

after battle 1 - Ande level 3

And Ande levels up right off the bat! Yay!

Battle 7

after battle 7 - level ups

after battle 7 - Thrax level 6

after battle 7 - Ande level 4

So much leveling up! I love it!

Battle 28

after battle 28 - level up

after battle 28 - Ande level 5

Now Ande finally gets some battle stones! Yeah!

Battle 48

after battle 48 - level up

after battle 48 - Thrax level 7

Again, Thrax? Greedy for that EXP, I see…

Battle 50

after battle 50 - level up

after battle 50 - Tryp level 8

Started with a level up, ended with a level up. Nice!


Tryp level 8

Thrax level 7

Ande level 5

Everyone leveled up at least once today. So proud of my babies! *cries*


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