Day 87

1 - June registration period

Today’s the first day of the recent new user registration period! Just reminding everyone! Come join us for nuzlocke (or non-nuzlocke, your choice) dragon fun and stuff!

1 - Lujo growth

2 - Dreamer growth

3 - Somia growth

4 - Jakob growth

Look at that growth! Lujo will be fully grown tomorrow, with Dreamer fully grown the day after that. Clan be expanding its pool of death-eligible adults…

5 - LymphAnde three days

Got three days on this nest. Five more days until ThraxRemia can jump on their nest too!

6 - scavenging

7 - thanks Lightweaver

Well, the Lightweaver answered my request to find something cool while scavenging. Thanks for the bust?

vain deity much? lol

8 - Legion chest apparel

Got some gloves from an Iron Chest from familiar bonding, so adding to the green theme with Legion.

I actually put Lymph’s Highnook Hank on him briefly. It looked awful. It dangled under Legion’s chin and looked like a green beard. Eugh…

9 - apparel drop

Another apparel drop? I guess that leaves three open spaces for when LymphAnde and ThraxRemia’s babies are hatched so we can put together new pairings.

What an easy day. Yay!


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