Day 89

1 - Dreamer grown up

Look who grew up into a handsome babe~!

2 - Somia growth

3 - Jakob growth

And all that growth! Wowie!

4 - LymphAnde one day

One day left…

6 - food gathering

Ran out of meat, seafood, and insects so I had to gather food today since Pinkerton didn’t put me in the Coliseum.

5 - apparel drop

Because Pinkerton gave me another free breeding item. Yay.

7 - Gladekeeper wtf

…So the Gladekeeper puts leafy statues of herself in chests? Okay…

8 - Theria chest apparel

Got apparel from a Rusty Chest and it matched Theria, so there you go, girl! Pretty time!

9 - lair 1

10 - lair 2

Look how much my lair is growing! Yeah!


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