Day 92 part 1

1 - Lock growth

She be growing so fast!

2 - ThraxRemia nest

3 - ThraxRemia five days

Finally have Thrax and Remia on their nest! Yes!

11 - SafeZone nest

12 - SafeZone five days

Also have Safe and Zone on their next nest! So many babies, OMG!

4 - scavenging

Still nothing cool…

5 - seafood drop

Oh, great. 40 battles. Yay.

8 - lair 1

9 - lair 2

6 - party generation

I have 21 Coliseum eligible adults. Holy…

Let’s see who goes!

7 - Rosi

Been a while, Rosi.

8 - Rabi

Same to you, Rabi.

9 - Ande

And Ande rounds out the group.

10 - party

Since Rabi is Level 7, we’ll be going to Woodland Path. Flight Rising is not cooperating with me tonight, so battles will be done tomorrow. Sorry…


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