Day 93

Flight Rising was giving me issues with the Coliseum, so I had to do these events before I did the seafood drop battles for yesterday. That’s why HP is missing from a few dergs, because I had low food.

1 - Lock growth

Look at her! So big for just three days old!

2 - ThraxRemia four days

3 - SafeZone four days

Four days…

4 - scavenging

Still nothing cool…

5 - trinket drop

Yes! Free derg from Auction House! Yay!

6 - trinket purchase

Auctions were going so fast today but I managed to snag one!

7 - Ieremiya

Now I have pre-named Ieremiya from FR user Seraphym. Yay!

Now I’m torn between who to pair her with. She’d look good with Jakob…but I could start another non-Safe-related pairing with her and Dreamer…but that’d mean breaking up the DreamerLassa pair. So hard to decide!

8 - lair 1

8 - lair

Such a big lair now. Better save up for that next lair expansion!


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