Day 95

1 - Lock growth

2 - Ieremiya growth

So much growth with the girls~!

6 - ThraxRemia two days

7 - SafeZone two days

Two days…

4 - fishing and scavenging

Had to spend 5 gathering turns to fish because I had no seafood to keep Lock fed. And the baby deserves to eat so she can grow. The rest went to scavenging, which still yielded nothing cool.

3 - material drop

More writing! Yay! Maybe something with Ieremiya and the whole Jakob/Lock/Tryp scenario. lol

5 - Thrax chest apparel

Got some apparel from a chest while bonding with familiars. It fit Thrax, so there!

yes, I’m aware Thrax is already wearing it in the ThraxRemia nest pic, shush, I did today way out of order, I already know


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